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Be The Light ...

One Mind (OM)  is pioneering the field of energy wellness through education, innovative techniques, and our dedication and commitment to our clients’ needs. We offer a unique perspective on energy and wellness, using holistic modalities designed to enhance your spiritual growth and to promote a greater sense of self for both your physical and mental well-being.

Who We Are ...

Illuminators and Light Workers


The transformative experiences at One Mind (i.e. attunements, classes, bodywork) are designed to help you reach optimal balance from the core of your mind/body/spirit center.

Founded in 2015 by Donna Bell and Shaii White, One Mind reflects the heart-centered energy of self-awareness and empowerment.  We use the vibrant energy of Reiki, the earth-centered energy of Crystals, and the sacred and universal energy of other indigenous healing arts.

We are here to help you reclaim the innate light we are all born with, using it to impact your life and the world around you.

Are you ready to fully enjoy your life?

Join us!

What We Offer

Courses and Workshops

Check out all the happenings here at One Mind.  You can learn more about our latest offerings, how we're connecting in community, what classes or coursework we offer, and how we continue the process of gathering experience and information to further our practice.  We also provide regular updates and information about attunements, speaking engagements (i.e. expos, demo's, etc.), and special events.  You can review our class descriptions below, and subscribe to our bi-annual newsletter (or blog both of which are in progress).

Reiki 1: Intro to Energetic Wellness  

Everything is made of energy and everything is connected. This introductory course will assist you in developing an intimate relationship with energy in your daily life 
As the instructors we will interact with you on the basics of energy from the ancient mystery schools perspective. You will receive your attunement into Reiki level 1.

Crystal Alchemy 1.0

Currently accepting students

In this course you will learn about personal energy and the basics of the crystal,mineral and gem world. You will understand the energetic connection between crystals and personal energy and how to use them in your personal life.

Crystal Alchemy 2.0

This course is for the person who is enthusiastic about consciously using personal and crystal energy to shape their world. Various energy modalities, a variety of crystals and creative configurations of the two make this course fun and challenging.

OM Reiki II

Crystal Reading

This is an intuitive communication that will help to clarify the client's bond with their crystal.  This is for the client who has 1-2  crystals that they would like to understand better. Why am I drawn to these crystals?  What are we working to accomplish?  What does this crystal represent for me?

$35.00 for 15 minutes

Our Oath of Service

    As Reiki Masters, we lovingly join a host of other facilitators, both earthly and divine, who heeded the call to share in the healing of our planet.  

     It is our intention to gift this energy upon request without judgement, prejudice or bias, remembering that healing is a collaboration between you and your higher self & the Divine within!  

     We promise to practice with honor and reverence for those who have gone before us, and for those who will follow...

Service Locations

Making a Difference


Energetic Wellness Practitioners

We are providing sessions via zoom

In-person sessions and classes are given consideration due to the current public health issues.

We are providing distance Reiki and Crystal Healing Sessions

Sessions are approximately 75 minutes and are $150.00  

If you have a discount code please reference it at booking.

You can read more about OneMind Energetic Wellness at MysticMag


Contact Us!

(469) 264-1687 or (216) 233-8251

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"The most powerful things in life cannot be seen or touched but can be felt and experienced in the heart." 

It all begins and ends with LOVE (ENERGY) ...



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